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As you know by now, I'm celebrating our upcoming sixth wedding anniversary by blogging about ways to incorporate wedding memories into your home decor.  Earlier in the week I shared a large, framed canvas photo of our wedding ceremony that I kicked it up a notch with a border overlaid with our vows, and yesterday I showed you our double-sided framed wedding invitation.  Today I'm wrapping up the week with the just-completed project of turning our wedding aisle runner into a pillow.

When we were planning our wedding, Scott and I searched all over Denver for the perfect venue.  We wanted something a bit non-traditional, and we found exactly what we were looking for at Mile High Station, an event space in what was once the Midwest Steel and Ironworks building where, during the early 1900's, large ship parts were built for the Navy.  Mile High Station features beautiful red brick walls, exposed steel I-beam supports, and custom industrial-style chandeliers. 

Photos by BLF Photography
We fell in love with the venue the moment we saw it, so much so that we held both our ceremony and reception there.  But the brick walls, stained concrete floors, and large open spaces posed a bit of a challenge when it came to decorating for the ceremony.  In the end, we opted to stick with the minimal feel, and our only form of ceremony decor was a very long, personalized aisle runner.

Photo by BLF Photography
 I ordered the aisle runner from a great online company called Aisles with Style.  Since we had a primarily black and white wedding, I ordered a black aisle runner with our names and wedding date printed in white with the same font (Scriptina) that we used for our wedding invitations.  The black runner also created a great contrast for the white orchid blossoms that our adorable floor girl tossed on her way down the aisle ... all two or three of them that she actually dropped, that is :)

Photo by BLF Photography
While most store bought aisle runners are only 36 inches wide, ours was a whopping 47 inches - a much better width for walking arm in arm down the aisle in a large wedding dress!

Photo by BLF Photography
After the wedding, I kept the rolled up aisle runner in a closet with plans to eventually do something with it.  But what?  I thought about framing the portion of the aisle runner with our names, but I knew that a 47 inch wide custom frame would be VERY pricey.  And where would I hang it?  After storing that aisle runner for six years, it finally occured to me that the aisle runner could make a perfect pillow for our bed!

The width of the aisle runner was just about the same as the length of a standard body pillow, so I consulted with my mom {who is my go to for anything sewing related} to determine if the fabric of the runner would work for a pillow cover.  The non-slip backing on the runner posed a bit of a sewing challenge, but my mom made it work.  When I brought the pillow home and placed it on our bed, I was totally thrilled!  It's just perfect!  And now one more memento from our wedding has made it's way into our daily lives.

So that wraps up the wedding anniversary week celebration here on the blog.

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I'd love to hear how you've incorporated the mementos of your wedding into your home decor!

The photos in this post have been updated to reflect the new design of our master bedroom.

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