{five minute friday} Dress Up Your Christmas Card Display While You Wait for the Mail

I can hardly believe that Christmas card time is nearly upon us, but they are bound to start showing up in our mailboxes before we know it! I am definitely not one of those people who is so on top of it that I have cards already ordered {I am usually mailing them at the last minute}, but I do have some very organized friends and family members who always manage to have their cards arrive on the day after Thanksgiving.

With that in mind today's Five Minute Friday is all making your Christmas card display look fabulous throughout the holiday season!

There are a lot of fabulous DIY Christmas card display ideas out there {and I'll even be sharing one next week}, but a few years ago I found a silver Christmas tree card display at the Container Store and I just couldn't pass it up!

I love the style of this card holder, but I don't like how bare it looks in the early days and weeks when only a few cards have arrived. When it's bare the card display is a bit of a bore, and  with only a few cards clipped here and there, it somehow look even more pathetic...

Finally, I couldn't take this sad little display any longer, so I came up with a super quick and easy solution to dress up the tree while waiting for the more cards to arrive - and it would work to dress up any Christmas card display!

I sorted through my stash of scrapbook supplies and picked out a few red and teal patterned papers to match the colors of my Christmas living room. I cut the scrapbook paper into squares - some a bit larger (5"x5") and some a bit smaller (3"x3").

I clipped the scrapbook paper squares all over the tree, and in five minutes flat I had a much more fabulous situation that felt like a part of my decor rather than a detractor from it!


As holiday cards arrived, I simply removed pieces of the scrapbook paper and stashed them away in a ziplock bag to be used again the next year. Here's what it looked like last year when it was about half cards and half scrapbook paper.

No matter what kind of Christmas card display you have, you can easily dress it up with some scrapbook papers that coordinate with your decor so that it looks full and fabulous while you wait for the mailman to bring you more cards from your friends and family!

As I look at these photo, I realize that the red shiny paper on top of the tree would look much better if it were cut into the shape of a star - so I'll be making that change for this year!

Christmas will be here before we know it, so if you are looking for even more holiday inspiration, look no further! Here are some of my favorite holiday projects:

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