{five minute friday} Library Book Basket with a Leather Label

I hope you haven't hit leather overload yet, because I have one last leather project to share with you today for Five Minute Friday.

I've heard from many of you that are now planning to add some leather belt drawer pulls to your dresser, but for those who love to the look but don't want to go as far as adding belts to your furniture...this post is for you!

Leather basket label

You all know that I love a good label and I'm always looking for new ways to make labels pretty, and this might just be my favorite label EVER!

Library Book Basket with Leather Label

I purchased a Marche basket from the Container Store to keep Beckett's library books separate from the other books on his shelf, but what's a basket without a label? And if it's a leather label - even better!

After cutting apart belts to make the drawer pulls, the hanging belt shelves, and the belted lampshade, I had a few extra strips of leather lying around. I couldn't bring myself to throw them away because I was sure I'd find a use for the extra leather. And sure enough, I did!

I simply used a leather punch to create a hole in each end of a strip of leather {you could also try a regular hole punch, or could use a small drill bit}.

Creating leather basket label

To make the label really shine, I used a gold water based Sharpie paint marker to write on the leather.

Writing on leather basket label

And then I tied the leather strip to the basket with some cute brown and white baker's twine.

Leather basket label

Leather basket label

And now, we won't have to search every shelf looking for my son's library books when the due date rolls around!

Library Book Basket

So if you have any old belts that are headed for the donation pile, why not repurpose them instead?!

Leather belts upcycled as basket labels

Someday when hubs and I have our dream closet, I envision that every drawer and basket on his side will have a leather label!

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