{One Room Challenge} Week 4 Progress Update: Argyle Wall

Four weeks down and two to go in the One Room Challenge! For those visiting for the first time, I am working on a new bedroom for my two year old son, and the plan looks like this...

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Ok, now that that's out of the way, I am totally, ridiculously excited to share this week's progress update, because the ARGYLE WALL IS DONE! I started working on it shortly after posting my week 3 update, and finished it less than 24 hours ago. Of course, I wasn't working on it nonstop - we took plenty of time this weekend to enjoy the warm weather, had two Easter egg hunts, visited the Easter Bunny, and had two Easter dinners with our families... but when I wasn't working on the wall, it was always in the back of my mind, resulting in a mix of excitement and fear.

If you follow me on Instagram, then you got a few sneak peeks throughout the weekend, including this photo that documented the point of no return!

I've been thinking about this wall for more than six months, and even though I had a really solid plan in place, I was still terrified of each new step. But now that it's done, I can honestly say that it wasn't that difficult! Time consuming yes, but totally doable! Everything came together just as I had planned, and I am so giddy about the outcome that I seriously want to stop people on the street to show them pictures and say "look what I did!"

Rather than just showing you the finished wall, I thought it would be more fun to share a series of photos, creating a time lapse of sorts. For those who are interested all the details, I'll be posting a tutorial some time in the coming week, but for now here is the creation of my argyle wall in nine photos. UPDATE: click here to read the full tutorial on how to paint an argyle wall, as well as my best general painting tips for achieving super crisp lines!

Not only does the wall look great from a distance, it's totally ready for its close up! Check out those crisp lines - even across the skip trowel texture of our walls.

As you can imagine, the argyle wall took up the majority of my week, but I did also manage to finish the chalkboard globe that I started back in Week 2!

While a chalkboard globe is nothing new in the blogosphere, my method for this DIY was a bit non-traditional.  Rather than blue and grey chalkboard paint, I used the same latex paint that's on the argyle wall, and then finished with two coats of a clear chalkboard paint finish. This method also allowed me to add my favorite detail - a gold outline around all of the continents. You can read all the details in yesterday's tutorial blog post here.

That's a wrap on Week 4 of the One Room Challenge. I still have a lot to do, but I feel like a major weight has been lifted from my shoulders now that the argyle wall is complete. That also means that I can start putting furniture in place and even hanging some of the art.

It's getting harder and harder for Beckett to wait patiently for his new room. He loves the diamonds on the wall {although he did ask me when I was going to paint triangles and circles}, and he really wants to read his bedtime stories in his new chairs! I can't wait for the room to be complete so he can move in and enjoy!

There are so many amazing rooms coming together as part of the One Room Challenge, so please be sure to visit our gracious host, Calling it Home, to check out the Week 4 progress of all of the participants here and here.

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