{decorating with style} Quick and Easy Striped Bathroom Canisters

I'm currently working on a minor reorganization of bathroom drawers in preparation for my monthly contributor post over at Pretty Well Organized, but, as usually, one project leads to another. As I was lining my bathroom drawers with some pretty paper, I started looking at the glass canisters on my counter and thinking how they could use a little dressing up as well.  A little washi tape and five minutes later, now I have silver striped canisters!

I like storing my cotton balls and swabs out on the counter where they are always in easy reach, and the glass canisters look nice and allow me to quickly see when I am running low. I've had these same canisters on the counter for many years, and I still like them, but I wanted to add a little something, something.

I've pinned a lot of pictures on Pinterest of bathroom cansiters with the bottom quarter painted a pretty color, and I'm still thinking I might try that down the road, but for now, I wanted a quick and nonpermenant update. Washi tape to the rescue once again!

I looked through my washi tape collection and pulled out some silver tape.  It literally took me just a few minutes to wrap three stips of washi tape around each of the canisters, and just like that the canisters feel like new!

Each piece of tape overlaps slightly in the back, so I ensured that each stripe started and ended in the same place, allowing me to turn the overlaps out of view.

Talk about a quick and easy project for a Friday afternoon!

Now I'm looking around to see what else I can add washi tape too!  But, no.  I'll stop procastinating and get back to reorganizing the bathroom drawers.  Here's a little sneak peek of what I have going on...

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. It looks like were going to get a bit more sun around here before the snow returns next week, so I'll be enjoying the warm weather and hope you can all do the same!


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