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My book club is one of my guilty pleasures!  I love having an excuse to read a good book every month {and I love that my book club girls really read the books}! This month, we read Vanessa Diffenbaugh's The Language of Flowers, and beside being a moving story about a woman with a gift for flowers who is struggling to overcome her past, the book also inspired me to learn more about the meanings behind the flowers that we give and receive.  

With Valentine's Day just one week away, I'm sure I am not the only one with flowers on my mind, so I thought it would be fun to learn more about the meanings behind some of those beautiful blooms. That's why I asked Emily, the adorable owner and head designer at The Ruffly Rose, to stop by today to tell us about the language of flowers and to suggest some less traditional stems that you might consider giving this holiday.

Take it away, Emily...

Hi! I am so thrilled to be able to share my thoughts on The Language of Flowers with you all! ...especially with it being so close to the biggest floral holiday of the year ~ Valentine's Day!

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People often given others flowers for all types of occasions with the hopes that it will make the lucky recipient do one thing ~ s m i l e! ...that is truly what I love most about what I do. Being able to spread smiles through flowers is so beautiful and so rewarding.  


There is something so uplifting about the variety of colors, shapes, sizes and fragrances that most people are drawn to. I love hearing what people's favorite flowers are and why! Each response is so unique to that individual and oftentimes fits the person's personality perfectly! Flowers truly do have a language all their own.

Everyone knows that the red rose is symbolic for love...hence it being the Valentine's Day's flower of choice. 

Although there is nothing more classic than a red rose, for me, the colors of flowers are a stronger language than the meanings listed in The Language of Flowers.  Color is the most important thing when trying to convey feelings through flowers! For example, when trying to get "cheerfulness" across in your bouquet, you would not want dark colors such as deep reds and purples. You would want bright colors such as yellow and orange!  Colors are just as important as types of flowers when choosing blossoms for a meaningful bouquet!

The floral world goes waaaayyy beyond the typical red rose. I often try to get my customers to branch out and try different stems for the holiday.

According to the the book, here are some stems, other than roses, that can carry sentimental meanings:

Acacia: Secret Love

Alstroemeria: Devotion

Baby's Breath: Everlasting Love


Daffodil: New Beginnings


Gerbera Daisies: Cheerfulness

Feverfew: Warmth

Freesia: Lasting Friendship
Hyacinth: Beauty

Ivy: Fidelity

Myrtle: Love

Orchid: Refined Beauty

Ranunculus {my favorite!!}: You are Radiant with Charms

Veronica: Fidelity

Stock: You Will Always be Beautiful to Me

Tulip: Declaration of Love

All of these beautiful stems I carry at The Ruffly Rose and love working with on a daily basis!

So ladies...it's time to drop the hint :) A dozen Red Roses this Valentine's Day? Or a bouquet of Tulips & Acacia?! {It's time to let the natural beauty of the flowers and the colors speak!}

No matter your message, let's just always take time to smile and "Remember to stop and smell the Roses!"

Happy Valentine's Day!

Thanks so much, Emily, for educating and inspiring us! If you are in the Denver area, please give Emily a call so she can put together a beautiful bouquet for you this Valentine's Day!

I am one lucky girl because I get a beautiful flower arrangement from The Ruffly Rose every Friday, thanks to my uber thoughtful husband who gave me a year's worth of flowers as an anniversary gift! {Read more about that here.} And now, when I pick up my flowers each week, I'll be much more aware of their special meanings!

Orchids have always been high on my list of favorite flowers - in fact, that's what I carried in my bouquet when I got married. Until now, I didn't know the meaning of an orchid, but I'd say that refined beauty seems quite fitting for a wedding day.

And now I'll ask you what Emily would ask...what is your favorite flower, and why?

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