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Last week, Ashley, at 7th House on the Left, blogged about how she used the Home Goods Stylescope Quiz to finally put a name to her personal style. I've taken a lot of these "what's you design style?" quizzes in the past and the results always seemed too generic, but after reading Ashley's post, I decided to head over to the Home Goods site and give Stylescope a try. And boy am I glad I did!

The Stylescope quiz is quick and simple. You just pick the five photos that most appeal to you from a group of 36 images. This seems easy enough, but I tend to be indecisive, and while I could quickly pick my four favorite images, I struggled to decide which image to choose as my fifth. So I took the easy way out, and completed the quiz twice, with only the fifth photo being different. Here are the two image sets I selected:

As it turns out, both of my image set selections returned the same result. According to Stylescope, my design style is Modern Metro with a touch of Urban Funk. I read the description of these two design styles, and you know what? Home Goods apparently knows me better than I know me, because with just five photos they were able to put a name to my design style when I have never been able to do so myself!

I've been blogging for nearly a year now, and while I feel like I've shared a lot of our home, I realized that you've only seen little bits and pieces of the main rooms of our house - the kitchen, the living room, and the basement family room.  But it's these rooms, as well as our master bedroom, where my design style really comes through. Of course, I have plans to share all the details of each of these rooms with you {and sooner rather than later}, but in the meantime, I took a little stroll around the house with my iPad, snapping some quick close up photos that really capture our home's Modern Metro and Urban Funk vibe.

Let's start with Modern Metro.  According to Home Goods Stylescope, Modern Metro adopts a cool, sleek minimalism to her loft-like look.  The one right piece at the right price trumps a large assembly of objects.  She enjoy a perfectly edited collection in a more masculine palette of cool greys and deep blacks with the occasional pop of color. This look is metallic, monochromatic and yes, let's just say it, very cool. This is what Home Goods says Modern Metro looks like:

And here's how Modern Metro looks in our home:

While Modern Metro is definitely the most prevalent design style in our home, as Stylescope correctly predicted, we do have touches of urban funk mixed in throughout. According to Home Goods Stylescope, Urban Funk has undeniable funk and soul. She's at home in a place where industrial meets comfort, where over-the-top meets laid-back chill, and where retro art meets graphic simplicity. And she does all this in a way that feels totally effortless. This look begins with an iconic piece, whether wall decor or just the right retro-inspired object or furniture piece. This is what Home Goods says Urban Funk looks like:

Now, here are some glimpses of the Urban Funky side of our home:

We certainly have a variety of other styles spread throughout our house. The honeymoon inspired guest room, for example, could probably best be described as Spa Life with a touch of Set Sail. And our home office, which is filled with maps and souvenirs from our travels, could be best described, not surprisingly, as The Traveler. But when it comes to the design styles that most speak to me, and that I choose to surround myself with on a daily basis, Stylescope has me all figured out {or at least mostly figured out}.

I am excited to finally have a way to describe my personal style. I've always struggled with whether to call my style modern or contemporary, especially when my preferences tend to blur the lines between the two, but now I can confidently say, "Hi, my name is Angela, and I am Modern Metro with a touch of Urban Funk!"

Pop over to the Home Goods site to take the Stylescope quiz for yourself. I can't wait to hear what name the quiz puts to your style, and whether you find it to be as accurate as I did. Please comment and share your results! And once you've identified your style, you might also want to follow the Home Goods' style-specific Pinterest boards for inspiration.

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