{seasonal style} A Glass Ornament Window Display

Earlier this week I shared how we made our Christmas tree both beautiful and baby friendly. I am totally smitten with our Christmas tree, but I also have so many pretty glass ornaments that I love, and I didn't want to leave them just sitting in storage boxes for years until our boys are old enough to no longer need a baby safe tree.  So today I want to show you the window display I created to hang all of our delicate, glass ornaments safely out of the reach of little hands.

I created this super simple window display using two inexpensive spring-tension curtain rods and some red ribbon.  I just double knotted the ribbon around the top of each ornament and around the tension rod.

One of our windows is longer than the other, and in that window the spring-tension rod is expanded to its maximum length.  As a result, the weight of the ornaments hanging from the curtain rod was causing it to slowly slide down the window.  To solve this problem, I placed a clear, adhesive bumper below the rod on each side of the window.  The bumpers have worked perfectly at providing just enough support to prevent the tension rod from slowly slipping downward.

I hung the ornaments at different levels so that none of them hang directly side by side.  Besides adding visual interest, this also ensures that the ornaments won't bump into one another and break if we open the nearby door when it's windy outside.

I just love the way these ornaments sparkle and glow when the sun shines through the windows (and luckily here in Colorado it's often sunny even when the snow is falling).

Our house has very modern architecture with a lot of these long, thin windows.  It's hard to figure out what to do with these windows when it comes to drapes or window coverings, but when it comes to holiday decorating they provide lots of fun opportunities.

Since we don't have a big front window in which to display our Christmas tree (our Christmas tree is in our basement family room), I love that the ornaments hanging in our living room windows can also be seen from outside.

I'm sorry the outdoor photos aren't better, but I was braving negative temperatures to capture these photos. We've had quite the cold snap in Denver this week!

When the time comes to pack up the ornaments, I will retract the tension rods to their shortest length, but will leave all of the ribbon and ornaments tied on. I'll place the ornaments in my ornament divider storage box and lay the tension rods across the top of the box. Keeping everything intact will make this display very quick and easy to put up again  next year, as I won't have to retie all of the ribbons and adjust them to hang just right.

Next week I'll be back to show you another window display I created for the long, thin window in our kitchen.

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