{gifts with style} Friday Flowers

If we are friends on Facebook, then you have already heard me gushing about what a wonderful husband I have.  But since today is his birthday (finally, he's as old as me again), I thought I'd gush a little more in blog-land.  Seriously, I have the sweetest husband in the world who is always doing thoughtful little things for me. But for our anniversary last month, he went above and beyond by getting me an entire year of fresh flowers!

He made arrangements with the flower shop in our neighborhood for me to get a vase full of fresh flowers every Friday.  Seriously, how adorable is this flower shop?!

So every Friday I take a walk to The Ruffly Rose to pick up a new flower arrangement, and while I'm there I drop off a vase for the next week's flowers.

We don't have any plants around our house because I don't have a green thumb... ok, let's be real, I basically have a black thumb.  And until now, the only flowers in our house were fake.  

I didn't realize how happy fresh flowers can make a room feel!

 Thanks, hubby, for the beautiful flowers, and Happy Birthday!

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