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If you checked out yesterday's blog post, then you know that it's wedding anniversary week here at my house, and in honor of our sixth anniversary I'm sharing some of the ways that I've turned our wedding memories into d├ęcor that we can enjoy in our home on a daily basis.

Today's post is a pretty simple idea, but one that I'm proud of nonetheless because it took me six years to finally accomplishing it.  I framed our wedding invitation.  I know, I know... framing our invitation shouldn't have taken me six years, but in my defense, they only just started making the perfect frame, so it's a good thing I waited so long!

So let's start with the wedding invitation itself.  I love graphic design, so I enjoyed designing all of the stationary for our wedding, including the save the date cards, the invitations, and the thank you cards.  For the invitation, I really wanted to incorporate one of our engagement photos, so what I came up with was a layered presentation.  In place of the standard inner envelope, we used a white pochette (a petal fold envelope).  Within the pochette was the invitation itself, which had a piece a blue ribbon wrapped around it, and an engagement photo affixed to the ribbon.  When the photo was in place all that could be seen of the invitation was the text at the top and bottom reading "The Wedding" and "Angela & Scott."  Once the ribbon with the photo was removed, the remainder of the invitation text was visible.

I really loved the presentation of our invitation, but it posed a challenge when trying to decide how to frame it.  If I framed just the invitation without the photo, then it seemed pretty boring, but if I framed the invitation with the photo in place, then the details would be hidden.  I thought about framing two invitations side by side, one with the photo and one without, but I just wasn't sold on that idea.  I knew that what I really wanted was a double sided frame - one that could sit on a shelf and be flipped to display the invitation either with or without the photo.  But finding such a frame proved to be very challenging.  I looked at a number of floating frames, but most could not accomodate our square invitation. 

Finally I found the PERFECT solution - the Canetti magnet frame, which is sold on Amazon in a variety of sizes.  I had looked at this frame several times over the years, but the sizes just weren't right.  But like I said, it was good I kept putting off framing the invitation because Canetti just came out with a new size - 6x6 - which just happens to be the exact dimensions of our wedding invitation! 

Once I had ordered the frame, there wasn't much more to it other than putting two invitations in the frame - one with the photo and one without.  I was a little concerned about whether the magnets would be strong enough to hold the frame together through two heavy cardstock invitations, but it worked like a charm. 

So just like that (six years later), we have a gorgeous frame with a double-sided display just perfect for our wedding invitation!

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