{organizing with style} Cabinet Pulls Turned Scarf Hangers

I realize that most of my recent posts have been very baby-centered, and with baby number 2 arriving VERY SOON, there will be lots more baby related posts to come. But I thought I'd give you all a break with something a bit more "adult."

My collection of scarves has grown quite a bit since I first organized our master bedroom closet a few years back.  At that time, I added some small drawers from the Container Store to one of the closet shelves, and neatly folded all of my scarves into one of the drawers.  As I've acquired more scarves, they no longer fit nicely into the drawer, are no longer neatly folded, and even more scarves are shoved into the empty space next to the drawers.  This organizing system - or lack thereof - has made it increasingly difficult to find the scarf I want, and often leaves them wrinkled.

A month or two back I saw a suggestion on the HGTV website to use a towel bar to organize scarves, but I don't have enough wall space in my closet to add a towel bar - which typically range in length from 18 to 36 inches.  I do, however, have a 15 inch wide support "wall" next to my shoe rack that has been calling out to be used in some way.  

I have thought many times about adding some hooks to this support wall, but I hadn't yet settled on the right use for the space.  Then it occurred to me that while I might not have enough space width here for a towel bar, I could instead add a couple of long cabinet pulls to serve the same purpose.  I first went to Home Depot and Lowe's looking for cabinet pulls, but was disappointed to find that I would have to place a special order to get any cabinet pull over about 5 or 6 inches.  Then, while picking up supplies for a different project, I noticed that Ikea has a pretty broad selection of cabinet pulls in a wide variety of lengths.  I picked up the Tyda cabinet pulls which are 13 inches long, and which were only $12.99 for a two pack.  Can't beat that!

Scott first installed one of the cabinet pulls high on the support wall using the provided hardware.

I hung up a couple of scarves to determine how long they would hang in order to determine the placement of the second cabinet pull.  In order to ensure that the scarves on the lower row wouldn't drag on the floor, I determined that the lower cabinet pull needed to be placed just above the bottom of the scarves on the top row (creating just a bit of overlap).  Once I decided on the location, Scott installed the second cabinet pull and then all I had to do was hang up my scarves.

I simply looped each scarf over the rail, and pulled the scarf through the loop to hold it securely in place.

Now not only do I have a much more functional way to organize my scarves and keep them wrinkle fee, but it also creates a very pretty display right in the entry of my closet!

As I hung up all of my scarves, it was like I was rediscovering the ones that had been previously "lost" in the back of the drawer.  As a result, a few will be making their way to Goodwill, but the rest of those previously out-of-sight, out-of-mind scarves will now get the opportunity to see the light of day again!  Spring fashion, here I come!

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